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Elevator parts and components


Our enterprise manufactures many varieties of beams that represent mechanisms for opening the elevator car doors and hoistway doors on the floors for freight-and-passenger elevators. The diversity of beams is connected with the substantially different constructions of beams used by our numerous customers, i.e. different companies producing and servicing elevators. The diversity is also a result of the versatility of the doorway width and the principle of opening the doors (swing or sliding). All the beams, modern constructions for new elevators and old constructions for repair and modernization of the existing we do well. Our clients are satisfied.

Door leaves

Door leaves produced by us are still more diversified than the beams. With every new order we get another new construction of the doors. But the customer is always right and we continually master serial production of the new and emerging new constructions of the leaves. And we produce very many of them and do it constantly.


The intensive work of carriages as structural elements of the beams for opening the doors of the elevator car creates a great demand for these articles with repair and maintenance organizations. We supply our customers with carriages of quite different constructions. We make carriages of different length both in a set with the suspended elements and for the frame only. All depends on the wishes of the client.


Rollers of our manufacture cover practically the whole range of rollers used in elevator mechanisms. These are the guide rollers for carriages to run along the guide rails, cable tension rollers, threading rollers for different locks and latches, restrictive (stopping) rollers and other. If we get an order for a roller we haven’t made before, we master its serial production within the shortest possible period. Our clients are very satisfied.


Locks hold the doors of the elevator closed during its movement and bear electronic sensors as well. Though seemed very simple at the first sight these elements of the elevator are very comprehensive in their manufacture. During their production it is necessary to produce an expensive machine-tool attachments. It is a long and expensive process. We have developed the techniques of changing the original locks with such structural equivalents that can be made quickly and can be inexpensive.


We do not produce pulling cables (ropes) and related to them constructive elements. As to the cables used in other mechanisms of an elevator we make them both on individual orders and within the set of beams.

Hall Boxes

Each of us has seen these boxes on the walls near the doors of the elevator. Such boxes serve as the base and support for fixing buttons to call the elevator. Hall boxes produced by us are real decoration of the floor landings. Being made of stainless steel they have the inscription text made with deep engraving. Everyone wishes to have such work at the floor landing at home.

Button plates

We’ve got a well-grounded reputation of manufacturers of the plates for buttons. We make them from stainless steel, polish and subject to deep engraving. It’s beautiful! You see it for yourself!

Button Panel

Each elevator is equipped with a button floor indicator panel. It is used for location of call buttons to choose a needed floor, emergency buttons and service inscriptions. We engrave the inscriptions at special machines. That is why they appear so good both for painted panels and panels made of stainless steel.

Freight-Weighing Device

Why do we get the orders for manufacture of these devices? First of all, it is so because it is a very crucial mechanism. And we are the right manufacture for that. There are several types of these devices. We produce whichever the need be.